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13 tips for safety water pump operation

2021-12-17 Page view : 165 views

1. Read the instruction manual carefully.

2. Never allow children or anyone unable to fully understand the directions given in the manual to use the machine.

3. The fuel cock and the fuel tank cap should be closed during transportation. Empty the fuel tank during transportation on long distances or rough roads.

4. Do not use the engine pump near people or animals.

5. Do not use the pump set close to cables or electrical equipment.

6. Keep the running (or still hot) pump away from any inflammable material.

7. Be careful with the muffler or other hot engine parts.

8. Only use the pump in well-ventilated places, do not operate the pump in explosive or flammable atmospheres or in closed environments.

9. Check the pump each day to ensure that each device, whether for safety or otherwise, is functional.

10. Never use a damaged, modified, or improperly repaired or assembled pump. Do not remove, damage or deactivate any of the safety devices.

11. Never carry out operations or repairs on your own that are other than routine maintenance. Call specialized and authorized workshops only.

12. Keep the pump set in a dry place, raised off the ground and with the tanks empty.

13. If your pump is no longer usable, dispose of it properly without damaging the environment by handing it to your local dealer who will arrange for its correct disposal.

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