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2 stroke and 4 stroke which is better

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The four stroke engine means that every two revolutions of the engine crankshaft, it goes through four strokes of intake, compression, work, and exhaust to complete a working cycle, while a two stroke engine only needs one revolution of the crankshaft and two strokes. A working cycle can be completed.
From the structural, two stroke engine is simple, mainly composed of cylinder cover, cylinder, piston, piston ring and other parts. The cylinder block is provided with intake holes, exhaust holes and ventilation holes; the opening of the air holes and closing is determined by the position of the piston. Compared with a four stroke engine, there is no complicated valve mechanism and lubrication system. The cooling system is generally air-cooled, and the structure is greatly simplified.
At performance, when the crankshaft speed is the same, the number of work per unit time of a two stroke engine is twice that of a four stroke engine. In theory, the power of a two stroke engine should be twice that of a four stroke engine (but in fact it is only 1.5 to 1.7 times). The engine has a higher power per liter, better dynamics, and lower engine vibration. In addition, the two stroke engine is lighter, lower in manufacturing cost, lower in complain rate, easier to maintain, and more convenient and flexible to use.
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