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25-hour maintenance of the new machine

2021-06-16 Page view : 389 views

Clean up the oil and dust on the surface of the gasoline engine
Remove the air filter, clean the oil filter with gasoline, and then wring it dry. A dirty air filter will prevent air from entering the carburetor. In order to prevent the carburetor from malfunctioning and the machine wear and tear, the air filter should be maintained regularly. For operation in dusty places, the maintenance frequency of the air filter should be increased appropriately.

Check whether the joints of the oil pipes are leaking, whether the joints are leaking, and whether the compression system is normal.
Check the external restraint bolts of the machine, tighten them if they are loose, and make up if they fall off.

After maintenance, place the machine horizontally in a ventilated and dry place and cover it with a cloth to prevent dust and oil stains, prevent the machine from being damp and heated, which may cause difficulty in starting the machine.

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