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Regardless of whether you live in a city or a rural area, have you noticed that there is one thing now everywhere that has completely changed people’s work and life? This is the lithium battery. Without it, there would be no laptops, smartphones, and tablets; without it, there would be no Apple’s rebirth, no microsoft. without it, there would be no Skype, youtube, google. Lithium battery is changing our lives.

Zhejiang Titan Machinery Co., Ltd realize it and has developed its products with lithium batteries. Now Titan Machinery has the Lithium brush cutters, multi-functional brush cutter, lawn movers.

Titan Machinery develops its own 60V 5amph Titan Machinery’s lithium battery. We use two kinds of cells, one is Samsung from Korea, another is made in China. Universal battery compatibility gives you the convenience of using any size battery for any tool. Thanks to our own designed incomparable BMS, Titan Machinery’s battery is very very safe, and such a smart BMS is also helpful to extend the battery’s lifetime. It has protection from 7 aspects, that is, over current protection, over charge protection,short circuit protection,over temperature protection, charge balancing protection, over discharge protection, charge protection.

Titan Machinery’s charger is designed with wide voltage. The applicable range is 100~240V, which can be used in mostly countries in the world, equipped with different charging cables when exporting to different countries. The charger also has self-protection system and it can be switched on and off through signal from battery. The output voltage is 0 when no battery on it, this is very safe. It built in short circuit and over current protection and also has the error indication.

About the lithium brush cutters, Titan Machinery uses its own battery technology. The brush cutter can work over 60mins and it can also be charged fully within a hTitan Machinery’s . The weight of the brush cutter is light and the cutting efficiency is very nice, but the noise is quite low. It is a very nice product that you deserve it.

Titan Machinery also develops its multi-functional brush cutter. This product can be changed with different heads according to the usage. For example, if you want to cut the small branches, you can change the head into prunner. If you need to cut the fence, you can change to pole trimmer. It is very convenient.

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