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The brush cutter is a common tool for garden technologists, and it is inevitable to encounter various problems during use. When the brush cutter is difficult to start, we must comprehensively analyze and investigate from the three aspects of oil, gas and electricity. Today I will tell you a few common failures and maintenance methods of brush cutters.

  1. It is difficult to start the brush cutter engine, which may have the following reasons:

a. No gasoline. The solution is to add gasoline.

b. The spark plug wire is off. The solution is to connect the spark plug wire.

c. The throttle switch is not in the starting position. The solution is to adjust the throttle switch to the maximum.

d. The oil circuit is blocked. The solution is to clean the oil circuit.

e. Ignition misalignment. The solution to correct the ignition timing.

f. The spark plug is damaged. The solution is to replace the spark plug with a new one.

g. Use inferior or deteriorated gasoline. The solution is to select the correct brand of gasoline.

  • The clogging of the air filter can also easily cause difficulty in air intake and affect the start of the brush cutter. Therefore, the brush cutter should frequently clean or replace the air filter cleaner, use qualified gasoline, and adjust the spark plug gap and engine.
  • If the trim is uneven and has no leveling effect, it is generally due to the blade being dull. Therefore, the blade of a brush cutter is generally polished once after ten days of use, and the cutting edge of the hob can extend the polishing frequency to once every three months.
  • If the brush cutter trembles or vibrates violently during work, it may be that some hard objects are hit during the mowing process and the blade curls and deforms, which will cause the brush cutter to shake. In addition, a top-heavy blade can also cause the mower to shake. Therefore, it is necessary to grind the blades of the brush cutter so that the left and right sides are horizontal, and pay attention to the condition of the lawn during use, and try to avoid hard objects.
  • When the brush cutter is weak and unable to cut the grass, it is necessary to change the clutch.


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