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Cautions of the auger

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1. Use genuine 2T (two-stroke) FC grade engine oil, and strictly prohibit the use of 4T (four-stroke) engine oil.2. It is strictly forbidden to use pure gasoline.
3. Strictly add oil at a ratio of 25 to 1.
4. The new machine cannot be used at high speed, please run-in at low speed for 3 hours.
5. It is strictly forbidden to stop the engine suddenly at high speed, otherwise it will be difficult to start the next time.
6. If the machine feels abnormally vibrating, please stop it immediately and check whether it is damaged, loose or eccentric.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use it on the grass with piles of rocks.
8. The drill bit has strict size restrictions, and it is strictly forbidden to modify or use an enlarged drill bit. 9. Remove the spark plug and muffler carbon deposits, clean the air filter, and fill the gear box with butter every period of work.
10. If you encounter a problem that you can’t solve by yourself, don’t disassemble or install it privately.
11. When the machine is not used for a long time, the remaining fuel should be poured out, and then the engine will burn all the fuel in the carburetor.
12. If you want the machine to run more stably and have a longer service life, please maintain it frequently.

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