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Chain saw

2021-01-07 Page view : 80 views

The chainsaw is a time-saving tool, which can be used to complete a number of high-powered tasks outdoors. Whether you’re removing huge branches or cutting your way through large logs, you can use chainsaws to work as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Titan Machinery’s chain saws will help you with this problem.

Titan Machinery has a large series chain saws from 25.4cc to 62cc. If you buy from us, you not only receive a powerful and durable chainsaw, you have everything you need to get set up and working efficiently.

When it comes to usability, the excellent performance, two-handed grip, light weight and wrap-around handle allow you to work in a more controlled and accurate manner. The automatic chain lubrication system ensures that the chain is always lubricated while in use to minimize on downtime and keep the chain in good health. The ergonomically designed handles are fitted with anti-vibration technology to increase comfort and protect the user’s hands, built with safety in mind the safety brake stops the chain instantly in the event of a kick-back. This tool provides also chain brake, chain catcher, front-hand guard, safety throttle, protective scabbard and trigger lock.

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