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It is a unique Titantec designed style, looks very attractive.

Starter. Brake and the upper cover can be two color-matched (1. The starter cover and the decorative strip are tool-free buckle 2. The brake plate and the decorative cover are tool-free buckle 3. The air filter cover is screwed to the upper cylinder cover )

The newly designed air choke switch adopts a rotary structure (to solve the problem of the conventional air choke not returning smoothly and the air choke shaking when the machine is running)

It is new all-inclusive structure shape design.
With a displacement of 55.6cc, the cylinder is deeper than the ordinary one, with a larger stroke, a larger displacement and a higher power. 2.4KW, a little bigger than the actual power of 58cc.
These 5 displacements are the most popular and largest qty in chainsaw,we have more than 10 years experience and test each machine before mass production, with stable quality.
And 45/51.5/61.5 can be EUV.

The structure of the starter is improved, the coil spring and the high starting plate are used inside, makes the starting are more light and easy, the air intake is increased, and the engine cooling effective is improved and cooling performance are very good.

Top quality Chinese carburetor,of course, walbro is available.

All the plastic parts are all in new and environmental material.good gloss and good performance both in high and low temperature.

The design of the starter structure is for labor-saving. It starts on average 1-5 times in cold engineand 1-3 times in hot engine.The life of the starter is more than 8000 times.
Smoothly feeling when using.pull 3-5 times is ok when the machine in cold situation,and when the machine is in hot situation,1-3 times is enough.
New starter konb with bigger size and Hollow inside, more comfortable to use and reduce the whole machine’s weight..
it use E-switch,better than mechanical switch,more convenient to operate the machine.

With spring and rubber to anti-vibration,small vibration

Fuel tank capacity is 550ml,oil tank capacity is 260ml.have long working time.
Our tubes are imported from Italy. It is ethanol resistant and has a longer service life. The basic standard of the ordinary DIY market is conventional materials, which have hardened or cracked tubing, and the mission life is short.
Socket together with machine,

Round paper air filter, better filtering effect
Double standard fastener
Tool-free to install and disassemble, easy to operate

Skid resistance handle, inline with safety regulations, easy to carry.

rubber on the handle, according safety regulations and human body engineering

double pillar new design front guard, smarter to brake

Complete braking within 0.12s, in line with safety regulations

The whole weight include without bar chain is around 5.7kgs.

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