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Chainsaw is a very important category for Titan Machinery. Its annual production capacity for chain saw is 500,000 units. Now we have both DIY machines and professional machines. Both series have minimum displacement 25.4cc and maximum displacement 62cc, which can already fit almost all needs in the market. Because of this, Titan Machinery is very professional in producing chain saws.

Do you know how to start a chain saw

1st, turn on the switch

2nd, close the choke

3rd, pull the starter knob fast till hear the engine running.

4th, open the choke and pull the starter knob again.

Some malfunction analysis

  1. The chain saw stop running during the working.

Reason 1: spark plug has too much carbon deposition or spark plug cap falls out

Solution: remove the spark plug and check it. Clean the spark plug or change to a new one. Check the wires to see whether there is a short circuit.

Reason 2: the chain saw is too hot

Solution: check the temperature of the carburetor. Lower the high speed of the engine. Clean the cylinder cooling fins. Use less power during cutting and use better quality oil. Clean the carbon deposition inside the cylinder

Reason 3: scuffing of cylinder bore

Solution: change the cylinder set.

Reason1: The chain is too tight or the chain is not in the right location or the blades on the chain are obtuse

Solution: re-assemble the chain and check the chain blades. If the blades are obtuse, use a file to make them sharp.

Reason 2: Choke is not opened totally

Solution: check the choke and open the choke fully

Reason 3: air filter is blocking

Solution: clean the air filter

Reason 4: too much carbon deposition inside the engine

Solution: clean the cylinder, spark plug, piston.

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