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Earth Auger Use

2021-07-23 Page view : 310 views

Among the many garden tools, ground augers are more common in our daily lives, especially when we are repairing roads, we often see them. It is widely used, on the one hand, because its drill bit is made of manganese steel, which can be used to penetrate hard cement, on the other hand, because it is easy to operate, it can be used by one person alone or two. Individual use in cooperation. Compared with other garden tools, the ground auger is more beautiful in appearance, and it is not as laborious to operate as other tools. It is suitable for carrying, and more importantly, it is suitable for working on various terrains. Compared with people hitting with awls and chisels in the past, earth augers have greatly improved the working efficiency of the working people [2].

Ground augers are widely used in planting and digging pits for seedling landscaping projects on slopes, sandy and hard soils. Beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitable for various terrains, high efficiency, easy to carry and field operations.

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