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General description of water pump series

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The engine of the water pump is the same as that of the brush cutter. We have three engine sizes for the water pump, and the model can be selected.
The application of water pumps is also very extensive. Customers if bought brush cutters and chain saws also need water pumps, so we made this product.

50.8cc, power up to 1.85kw, strong and powerful, and good vibration and heat dissipation performance, to meet professional use. Generally recommended to equipped with 1.5 ”or 2” pump body
43cc, power up to 1.25KW, we suggest to equipped with 1”pump body.
52cc, power up to 1.45KW, we recommend 1.5”pump body.

other information
The aluminum alloy pump body is sturdy and durable, with high strength, and the surface is sprayed with plastic for corrosion resistance.
Portable design, suitable for any terrain, easy to save effort
Self-priming and supercharging, super large flow, ramp head: 40-50M
The maximum suction stroke is 8M
The weight of the whole machine is 9.3KG
It has obtained EMC, CE, GS, EURO V and other certifications, and can be exported to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa and other markets.

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