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How to choose a lawn mower

2021-01-19 Page view : 334 views
  1. Choose a home lawn mower you like. When choosing a lawn mower, you must weigh the weight of the lawn mower, because a lighter and powerful lawn mower for family use is more convenient.
  2. Choose lawn mowers according to the size of the lawn at your house. If the lawn area is not very large, you can choose lawn mowers with lower power and speed, which are more affordable.
  3. Be sure to experience whether the whole body of the lawnmower is stable during use. It is best to choose a three-wheel-aligned lawnmower. Its relatively stable. At the same time, the grass will cut more during working.
  4. Choose a lawn mower that is easily start. A lawn mower that can be used with both hands.
  5. Check to see if there is a device that prevents the thread from being entangled. It is easy to make the thread tangled during the mowing process, and this device can make the thread hook without winding.
  6. Also listen to the sound of the lawn mower during working time. A lawn mower with better quality has relatively little noise during operation.
  7. It is best to choose a lawn mower with a brushless motor. Its more safe during starting, and there is no spark when starting, and it is more secure.

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