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How to choose the blade of the brush cutter?

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Brush cutter have several kinds of blade for choose:
–Trimmer head
With nylon trimmer line,especially for the area that blade cannot reach,cut young grass and medium density grass.
–Two teeth blade
Cutting and finishing the artificial growth of overgrow grass and weeds(do not use it to cut shrubs)
–Three teeth blade
Cut,clean up weeds,semi-woody grass,sparse shrub group,the cut diameter is less than 1cm.(do not use it to cut shrubs)
CE.EUII.GS Certification Tools Brushcutter 62cc 52cc 43cc TT-BC620/520/430 (Classic Model)
–40 teeth blade(also have 60 teeth,80 teeth,etc.)
Cutting rice,wheat,corn,sugar cane,shrubs,soybeans,highland barley and other corps
–40 teeth alloy blade(alloy blade,also have 60 teeth,80 teeth,etc.)
Cutting,opening up barren mountains,shrubs,rice,wheat,corn,sugar cane,shrubs,soybeans,highland barley and other corps.the cut diameter is less than 6cm.
Collect and put the harvested crops in order.
New Design 26cc Brush Cutter 2 Stroke Gasoline Powerful Grass Trimmer TT-BC260 (4404)

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