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How to install a suction hose in a water pump?

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Use the hose, hose connector and hose clamp provided with the pump. The suction hose must be reinforced with a noncollapsible wall or braided wire construction to prevent suction hose collapse.

Original instruction

1. The suction hose should be no longer than necessary. Pump performance is best when the pump is near the water level, and the hoses are short.

2. Never use a suction hose with an inside diameter less than 25 mm (1 inch).

3. Use a hose clamp to securely fasten the hose connector to the suction hose in order to prevent air leakage and loss of suction. Verify that the hose connector sealing washer is in good condition.

4. Install the strainer (provided with the pump) on the other end of the suction hose, and secure it with a hose clamp. The strainer will help to prevent the pump from becoming clogged or damaged by debris.

5. Securely tighten the hose connector on the pump suction port.

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