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How to install the bar and chain

2021-01-19 Page view : 158 views

As the chain of the chain saw is very sharp, in order to ensure safety, be sure to wear thick protective gloves when installing. Follow the steps below to correctly install :

  1. Pull the front guard of the chain saw back, make sure the brake is in the released state.
  2. Loosen and remove the M8 nuts, and remove the braker plate.
  3. First install the bar on the machine, and then install the chain on the sprocket and the guide groove of the bar, and pay attention to the direction of the chain saw teeth.
  4. Properly adjust the tension screw located on the outside of the braker.
  5. Put back the braker, and then slightly tighten the M8 nuts.
  6. Lift the bar with the left hand, turn the tension screw with the right hand with a screwdriver, adjust the tightness of the chain properly, and check the tension of the chain. When the hand strength reaches 15-20N, the standard distance between the chain and the bar is about 2mm.
  7. Finally tighten the M8 nuts, and then use both hands (wear gloves) to turn the chain to check that the chain transmission is smooth and the adjustment is complete; if it is not smooth, check the reason first, and then re-adjust according to the above sequence;

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