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How to Mix Fuel

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How to Mix Fuel
Fuel Attention
Please pay attention to stirring
1.ration gasoline and oil to be blended.
2. Put some of the gasoline into a clean, approved fuel volume.
3. Pour in all oil and stir well.
4. Pour in remaining gasoline and stir again for at least 1 minute. Some oils may be difficult to stir due to their composition, so it is important to stir them adequately to extend engine life. Please note that if the mixing is not sufficient, it will increase the risk of a live cylinder due to too thin the mixture.
5. Set a clear indicator mark outside the fuel volume to avoid confusion with gasoline or other
6. Please mark the ingredients on the outside of the fuel container for identification.
Add fuel
1. Open and remove the fuel filler. Place the lid in a dust-free place.
2, add fuel to the tank to 80% full.
3. Tighten the fuel cap and wipe away the spilled fuel around the tank.

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