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How to Start Brush Cutter Engine

2021-08-12 Page view : 363 views

Before starting the gasoline engine, check all parts for looseness or oil leakage, and make sure that the blade is properly installed and securely fastened.

1 Place the machine in a flat, solid place, and make sure there is nothing around the blade.

For gasoline engines equipped with boat switches, turn the switches to the “ON”position before starting.

For gasoline engine equipped with lockless switch, just press the switch to shut down.

Before starting the gasoline engine, connect the press start oiler until the spilled fuel flows back to the transparent return pipe.

When the cooler starts, push the choke switch to the OFF or “OFF” position, and pull the choke back to the “ON” position after starting.

You don’t need to close the choke to start the engine.

Press the throttle switch until the lock button is in place. Then the throttle can start,

When the gasoline cooler starts, move the filler handle to the “start” position. Hold the unit firmly and gently pull the starting rope (about 10cm) Feel resistance, then quickly and smoothly pull out the starting rope, carefully

bouncing when starting, repeat if necessary.

After the gasoline engine starts, gradually open the choke.

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