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How to Storage the Lawn Mower

2021-09-14 Page view : 118 views

When storage, if there is gasoline left in the fuel tank or carburetor, pay attention to prevent the gasoline vapor from igniting and causing


Choose a well-ventilated storage place and away from all appliances that can generate

flames. For example, heating furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, etc., should also avoid

electric motorcycles or other electric facilities that can generate sparks.

Avoid places with high humidity, because it is easy to cause rust and corrosion.

Landing four wheels on the ground, placing the lawn mower horizontally, tilting will lead to fuel leakage or oil leakage.

The handle can be folded to save space.

After the engine and exhaust system cool down,cover the lawn mower to prevent dust. A hot engine and exhaust system will ignite or melt certain combustible substances. Do not cover the lawn mower with plastic film. The air-impermeable covering will condense the surrounding moisture and accelerate rust and corrosion.

The lawn mower should be placed out of the reach of minors.

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