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Maintenance of air filter and fuel filter

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Sponge filter element in the air filter must be cleaned every 25 hours (dusty sites should be cleaned more frequently)
The cleaning of the sponge filter element is cleaned by gasoline or washing liquid and clear water. After cleaning, it is extruded and dried. Then, a few drops of oil are dropped on the filter element, and the excess oil can be restored to its original state.
The role of air filter: as much as possible to absorb dust to reduce the probability of dust into the gasoline engine.
In particular, do not ignore the dust on the gasoline engine harm, high- speed operation on the cylinder wall wear will be quite serious.
Fuel filters remove impurities every 50 hours
The fuel filter in the tank is used to help the carburetor filter the fuel It is necessary to visually check whether the fuel filter is clean often. When checking, the fuel tank cover should be opened and the fuel filter should be hook out from the tank with the wire. Replace the fuel filter immediately if it becomes hard, contaminated or blocked.
Anon-standard fuel filter can cause the speed to exceed the allowable speed, which is why the fuel filter should be replaced at least quarterly. It can ensure that the carburetor can get enough fuel and get satisfactory working effect.
If the carburetor inhales impurities, it will cause the carburetor to be blocked and the gasoline engine cannot be started.

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