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Maintenance of spark plug

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After using for 25 hours, remove the spark plug and use a wire brush to remove dirt and carbon deposits. The spark plug gap should be adjusted to 0.6-0.7mm
The spark plug should be cleaned and replaced in time every 100 hours of operation and quarter
When cleaning or replacing the spark plug, be sure to clean the area around the spark plug before disassembling or installing it.
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Do not clean the spark plug by sandblasting, use a wire brush or clean it in a decarbonizer. If the circlip in the high-pressure cap of the igniter is not completely installed on the spark plug, sparks or abnormal ignition may occur. If necessary, adjust the circlip of the wire connector.
When replacing the spark plug, please use the original brand model of the manufacturer.
When installing the spark plug, first turn it tightly by hand, and then tighten it with a special wrench for the spark plug.
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