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Precautions for Oil Change in Lawn Mower

2021-10-07 Page view : 122 views

NOTE: Before tipping mower to drain oil, drain fuel tank by running engine until fuel tank is empty.


Change the oil

Warm engine is benefit for changing the oil quickly and thoroughly. Stop the engine and unscrew the dipstick. The level should be between FULL and ADD. Avoid filling with too much oil. Remove the oil dipstick and clean the oil around the oil filler. Place a suitable container to receive the aged oil. Tilt the lawn mower to the right, and drain the oil from the fuel filler to make it drain completely.

Consider the environment when disposing of waste oil and containers. It is recommended that you seal it and send it to the recycling center or recycling shop. Do not throw it in the garbage or dump it on the ground or drain it into the drain. Add recommended engine oil, don’t overflow.


Using unclean oil will shorten the life of the engine, and using 2-stroke oil will damage the engine.

Too low oil volume will damage the engine.

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