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Preparation for Use a Brush Cutter

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Gasoline engines must use blended fuel with a mixture ratio of 25:1

It is recommended to use special two-stroke oil for a long time, which can make the gasoline engine better lubricated and prolong its service life.

When using the proportioner, add the gasoline, and then add the two stroke oil , and shake well.

Fuel should be added in a good place, and the gasoline engine should stop running when refueling,

Do not fill the tank too full, the fuel tank volume is 80%;should retain a space for gasoline expansion.

If there is fuel spill or spatter, thoroughly clean and ensure that the cap is tightened before starting the gasoline engine.

Must use fresh gasoline, general gasoline storage time not more than 30 days. (If the fuel oil is mixed and stored for more than 30 days, it will lead to oil blockage and the machine cannot use normally.)

Gasoline engine fuel place or fuel storage place, no fireworks.

A gasoline engine must rest for 10-15 minutes after it runs out of a pot of oil before it can restart.

Inferior gasoline and oil can damage gasoline and its seals, oil routes, and tank.

Check the air filter and forbid running the engine without the air filter, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and tear of the gasoline engine.

Note: do not use pure gasoline as fuel, pure gasoline will cause overheating and damage of the machine.

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