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Prevent the body from vibration from the chain saw

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Please follow the instructions below to protect your health.

1, always use the right tools to work (this can improve work efficiency and reduce the vibration of the arm);

  1. Before using the tool, check whether it is well maintained and repaired to avoid increased vibration dueto failure or breakage.
  2. Keep cutting tools sharp to improve efficiency.

4, reduce the use of a tool has been the time, the interval can be other work.

5, clench or use the tool forcefully do not exceed the limit.

6, the tool is well stored, so that the handle of the next use does not heat.

  1. Ways to improve blood circulation
  2. Keep your body warm and dry (wear gloves, hats, waterproof clothing and use heating plates when necessary);

9, give up or reduce smoking. because smoking will reduce blood flow; Massage and move your fingers.

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