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Refueling precautions

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Refueling precautions

1. Select open space for fuel filling.

2. Before starting the engine, move at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from the refueling position.

3. Stop engine operation before refueling.

At this point, be sure to stir the gasoline blend thoroughly in the container. – To extend the service life of the engine, please avoid:

1, fuel without oil (pure gasoline) otherwise, will soon cause serious damage to the engine internal parts.

2. Ethanol gasoline – otherwise, it will age rubber and/or plastic parts and damage engine lubrication.

3. 4 stroke oil.Otherwise, it can cause the spark plug carbon accumulation vent to be blocked or the piston ring to be stuck.

4. Unused fuel blends for more than a month may clog the carburetor and cause the engine to fail to run properly.

5. If you want to store the product for a long time, please empty the oil tank and clean it first. Then, start the engine to empty the carburetor with the fuel mixture.

6. If you want to report used hybrid oil accumulators, it should be reimbursed only at the approved warehouse.

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