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Run in the Brush Cutter

2021-08-12 Page view : 323 views

The newly manufactured gasoline engine and all the running parts have not been fully run in, the running parts still have different degrees of processing traces, if not run in and heavy load use, will make the friction surface serious wear, shorten the service life of gasoline engine and other parts, therefore, must run in 1-2 hours.

Before running in, first fill up the fuel, tighten each fixed part, ensure the technical condition intact. Start the gasoline engine, make the gasoline engine run in the “rapid state” for 20 minutes, increase the throttle “start state” for another 20 minutes, then make the gasoline engine run in the “full throttle state” for another 20 minutes, and then gradually run from medium speed to high speed for 60 minutes to complete the pre-run in.

After the completion of the pre-run in, the mower should be fully checked and adjusted, and then the trial cut can be carried out. At the beginning of trial cutting, the work should be done slowly with a small workload, and the time of trial cutting and running in should not be less than 50 hours. In the process of 50 hours of trial cutting, the work should be gradually increased, and the speed of gasoline engine should be gradually increased, and finally the full load operation should be carried out at full speed. After running in, the gasoline can work normally. Gasoline engines should increase the proportion of oil in the mixture during run-in.

After running-in, the gasoline engine should be checked and adjusted comprehensively, and the parts should be checked to see if they are loose and damaged. After a comprehensive overhaul, the engine can enter the normal working state.

Note: do not install the blade during the early run – in period to avoid accidents!

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