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The brush cutter cannot start, what should I do?

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First, use a spark plug wrench to remove the ignition coil cap on the spark plug to make the electrode of the spark plug iron, and pull the gasoline engine to check whether the spark plug is on fire. If there is no fire, replace the spark plug or check the on/off switch. The gasoline engine can be started when it is determined that there is fire and oil compression is normal.
There are three possible reasons:
The fuel system of the brush cutter is abnormal.
The ignition system of the brush cutter is abnormal.
The cylinder of the brush cutter is not compressed properly.
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Regarding the maintenance of the brush cutter:
Before using the brush cutter, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower marks of the oil dipstick.
The oil should be changed after the new machine is used for 5 hours, and the oil should be changed again after 10 hours of use, and then the oil should be changed regularly according to the requirements of the manual.
2 Stroke CE Garden Agriculture Brush Cutter 33cc TT-BC305 (Classic Model)The oil change should be performed when the engine is in a hot state. Do not add too much oil, otherwise there will be: black smoke, insufficient power (too much carbon deposit in the cylinder, small spark plug gap), engine overheating, etc.

Adding oil should not be too little, otherwise it will appear: the engine gear is noisy, the piston ring is worn and damaged at an accelerated rate, and even lava appears, causing serious damage to the engine. Pay attention to safety when using. Therefore, check and test beforehand.

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