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The Importance of Air Filter in Lawn Mower

2021-10-28 Page view : 322 views

Dirty air filter in lawn mower will prevent air from entering  the carburetor, it will reduce engine performance. When using lawn mowers in dusty areas, clean the air filter element more frequently.


When working without an air filter element or working with a damaged air filter element, dust will enter the engine, causing accelerated wear and damage to the engine. Damage caused by such reasons is not covered by the warranty.

Cleaning the air filter

Remove the filter element assembly, check for holes and cracks, and replace if necessary. Using a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt in the air cleaner housing and cover. Be careful not to let dirt into the carburetor.

Paper air filter(1)

Strike the filter element several times on a hard surface to remove dirt, or let compressed air pass through the filter from the inside. Do not try to brush off the dirt, the brush will let the dirt enter the small holes of filter.

Sponge air filter(2)

Wash with soap and warm water, rinse and dry, or wash with non-flammable solvent and let it dry

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