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The Importance of Spark Plug in Lawn Mower

2021-10-15 Page view : 135 views

Recommended spark plug: E7RTC or similar.

Always remove the spark plug lead before repair, cleaning or maintenance work. After 5 hours running time, tighten screws and nuts. Check the oil. The spark plug must be at the highest point on the mower when it is tilted up.

Inappropriate spark plugs can cause engine damage. In order to operate well, the spark plug gap should be adjusted properly without deposits.

Remove the spark plug cap and wipe off the dirt.

Use a special wrench to remove the cremation plug.

Check the spark plug. If the electrode is worn or the insulator is cracked (broken), replace it. Before using again, clean the spark plug thoroughly.

Use a plug gauge to measure the gap between the cremation plugs. The gap should be 0.7- -0.8mm. If necessary, bend the side electrode to adjust the gap.

Install the spark plug carefully by hand to avoid cross threading.

After the spark plug is in place, tighten it with a special wrench for the spark plug.

When reinstalling the old spark plug, screw 1/8 to 1/4 turn after the spark plug is in place.

When installing a new spark plug, it takes 1/2 turn.


If the spark plug is not tightened, the engine will be overheat and damaged.

Over tightening will damage the thread of the spark plug hole.

Install the spark plug cap.



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