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Zhejiang Titan Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in the year of 2009, is a company who produces chain saw, brush cutters and some other garden tools. At the beginning, Titan Machinery only had more than a dozen people. In this year, Titan Machinery took part in Canton fair and started its business in this year. Titan Machinery also established the integrity of the development of quality-oriented concept. Titan Machinery met a very hard time at the beginning, but when came to the year of 2010, the situation got much better.

In the 2010, Titan Machinery was growing rapidly. The old factory could not meet its requirement any more, so Titan Machinery had moved to a new factory. And also the workers in Titan Machinery had increased to 60. In this year, all products from Titan Machinery were handmade. This restricted the development of the company.

In the year 2011, Titan Machinery established its technical department and many senior engineers had joint Titan Machinery. Because of this, Titan Machinery improved its production ability and testing method. During this year, Titan Machinery created the concept of quality-oriented and service-oriented.

In the year 2012, the competition in the garden tools area was very severe. Because of the situation, Titan Machinery started its own creation for brush cutter and chain saws. Titan Machinery realized that creativity is a key to success. Then, Titan Machinery develops many new models in the next years. Especially in the year 2013, Titan Machinery started to produce the products which can pass EU-II emission test. And also in this year, Titan Machinery got many positive feedback from its customers. And in this year, Titan Machinery pass ISO certifications.

In the year 2014, Titan Machinery had its own test machines for emission test. Because of the new brush cutter engine, Titan Machinery obtained invention patent and It started to produce the plastic parts to control the quality.

In the year 2015, Titan Machinery offered many new developed products for its customers. The products are wheeled brush cutter, hedge trimmer, blower, etc. And in this year, Titan start to build its own factory. In the year 2018, Titan Machinery moved to the new factory and the company has expanded more than ever and it has workers more than 300.

During the past 10 years, Titan Machinery has experienced a lot and it grows rapidly. In the future, we will keep the original intention and our mission in mind and focus on quality management and market demand to make our company to be a world-class garden tools manufacturer.

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