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TITAN MACHINERY Lithium battery lawn mower

2021-01-07 Page view : 245 views

For homeowners who want the benefits of going cordless for everyday yard work but also want the confidence to take on occasionally challenging, tougher projects, the TITANTEC Pro 60-volt family of tools are the ideal choice.

When you need to buy a battery lawn mower, The size of your lawn, terrain and obstacles is the first thing you must take into consideration when choosing a new lawn mower. A mower that is perfect for your neighbour may not be the right one for you. Size, power source and weight of the lawn mower needed will change with different sized lawns. Are you looking for a design that is great at tidying up a small patch or do you want something that can whip through long grass in large areas with a big refuse bag.

Choosing the right power source, battery or petrol, is one of the most fundamental choices when it comes to purchasing a new lawn mower. Cordless mowers are cleaner, easier to maintain and more lightweight than their petrol counterparts. Titan Machinery’s battery lawn mower can work Over 90mins when you are mowing your lawns. Then you can change the battery and put the battery to be recharged. The fast charge can reach to 80% power with 45 minutes.

Many of the mowers in the market have adjustable handles to give various heights to make for more comfortable use. Battery powered lawn mowers are much more lightweight to manoeuvre than their heavier petrol powered competitors. If you don’t feel like you have enough strength to be lugging around a big weight for long periods of time, then a battery powered option will be much more suited for you. Titan Machinery’s battery lawn mowers weigh 24kg, It is much more lighter than a petrol mowers. It has adjustable handles and Self-propelled function. It is suitable to you.

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