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A. Appearance
All plastic parts are made of new environmentally materials, with good gloss and good resistance to high temperature and low temperature.This machine, which we designed and produced by ourselves, won the “CF Silver Award” of “Canton Fair Design Competition”

B. Engine
a. We have improved it on the basis of the conventional 25.4cc engine to make it meet the EUV emission requirements, with higher power and lower fuel consumption.
b. Overhead spark plug has higher combustion efficiency.
c. The improved flywheel vanes increase the cooling effect of the engine and have good heat dissipation performance.
d. Single-hole muffler is better for noise reduction
e. The dynamic balance of the engine is handled well and the vibration is small
f. The digital ignition guarantees a more stable operation of the machine, improves engine performance, and extends engine life

C. Starting
The design of the starter structure is for labor-saving. It starts on average 1-5 times in cold engine and 1-3 times in hot engine. The life of the starter is more than 8000 times.We made the structure of oil bubble on top. It is more convenience for operation. Many models in the market now don’t have these structure, they need to reach into the air filter cover to squeeze the oil bubbles.

D. Air filter
Tool-free lock nut is easy to install and disassemble.It is with automatic choke and easy to operate.

E. Fuel tank
The fuel tank volume is 450ml, this machine can work 40mins when the tank is full of mixed gasoline. It makes you free from the frequent refueling. The fuel tank is oblique for easy refueling.
Our tubes are imported from Italy. It is ethanol resistant and has a longer service life. The basic standard of the ordinary DIY market is conventional materials, which have hardened or cracked tubing, and the mission life is short. Three oil pipes, better pump oil, smoother oil supply, ensure smooth engine operation, improve performance and extend life

F. Handle
The machine has a rotatable handle. The angle can be adjusted by 180 degrees, which is convenient for working at different angles.

G. Blade
the machine is equipped with a laser blade which makes the cutting more efficient and serves longer life.
We have two sizes of laser blades, one is 800mm, the other is 600mm.
The machine is also equipped with a blade guard, which make the operation more secure.
The machine has a thickened blade cover. The cover is very easy to put on after you finished using the machine.

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