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What is earth auger?

2021-07-15 Page view : 212 views

The auger is composed of a small general-purpose gasoline engine, a gear box and a specially designed drilling tool, suitable for drilling holes in the ground, frozen soil, and ice. It is widely used in gardening, planting, tree planting, geophysical prospecting, road construction and other fields.

The drill bit is made of manganese steel to make it harder. It can work on hard soil, super hard soil, clay, frozen soil, etc.

The ground auger can be equipped with a variety of drill bits according to the tree species to meet the needs of users.

Ground augers can free people from heavy physical labor, and are widely used in planting trees, planting fruit forests, fences, and fertilizing fruit trees in autumn. Suitable for various terrains, high efficiency, easy to carry and field operations.

The earth auger can be operated by one person or two persons, which is economical and practical.

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