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What to do before using a water pump?

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1. Check the General Condition of the Pump

• Look around and underneath the pump for signs of oil or gasoline leaks.
• Remove any excessive dirt or debris, especially around the engine muffler, and recoil starter.
• Look for signs of damage.
• Check that all nuts, bolts, screws, hose connectors and clamps are tightened.

2. Check the Suction and Discharge Hoses

• Check the general condition of the hoses. Be sure the hoses are in serviceable condition before connecting them to the pump. Remember that the suction hose must be reinforced construction to prevent hose collapse.
• Check that the sealing washer in the suction hose connector is in good condition.
• Check that the hose connectors and clamps are securely installed.
• Check that the strainer is in good condition and is installed on the suction hose.

3. Check the Engine

• Check the engine oil level. Running the engine with a low oil level can cause engine damage.
• Check the air filter. A dirty air filter will restrict airflow to the carburetor, reducing engine and pump performance.
• Check the fuel level. Starting with a full tank will help to eliminate or reduce operating interruptions for refueling.

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