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The engine of the wheeled grass trimmer is the same as the engine of the brush cutter, so it can be made from 3 engines with different shape designs.
The advantages of this product that it does not need to be carried on the shoulder like a regular brush cutter, but only needs to be pushed forward like a wheelbarrow. Women and the elderly can also use this product, because of its overall small size, it is more flexible than a lawn machine, which is suitable for some small family nursing homes
Our style is greatly different from some existing competitors in the market. We have made a lot of structural optimization to make it not only truly meet CE requirements, but also more convenient to use and improve consumers’ experience
At present, we export a lot to Europe, southeast Asia and South America.

We use foldable handle, which is easy to pack, store and transport. The diameter of the handle is 400mm. And Connection lock nut is tool-free design. Also the height of the handle is adjustable. We use pneumatic tires to this model, which has very good shock absorption and good grip to the ground. The trimmer head is specially designed. It has quick string replacement and it quality is very durable.
The machine has EMC, CE, GS, EURO V certificates, which means the machine can be sold to most of the countries in the world.

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