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Why is the brush cutter stalled after refueling?

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The reasons are as follows:
1. Generally, this situation is that the oil circuit is blocked. After increasing the throttle, the mixed gas is too thin, causing the engine to fail to turn off. It is recommended to check the carburetor.
2, the throttle is blocked. Throttle is undoubtedly the most important part, and it is also the most problematic part. Under normal circumstances, maintenance personnel will cleaning the throttle. However, if frequent cleaning of the throttle valve still cannot completely solve the flameout problem, it is generally a fault. Also check the vacuum pump to see if the air intake is normal.
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3. The spark plug does not ignite normally. Replace the spark plug according to the service life. When the gasoline engine is compressed near the top dead center, the combustible mixture is ignited by the spark plug. Therefore, when the spark plug fails “strike”, it will naturally cause the vehicle to extinguish. Under normal circumstances, it is completely solved by replacing the spark plug. When it is inconvenient to replace, it can also be solved temporarily by cleaning the electrode and adjusting the length of the central electrode as an emergency measure. In addition, insufficient battery voltage, leakage, ignition coil failure, and wiring failure will cause poor ignition or flameout.
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