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Working and Stop the Brush Cutter

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After gasoline engine starts, run at low speed for 3~5 minutes.

Do not touch the spark plug or high voltage wire when the gasoline engine is in operation to avoid electric shock.

When the gasoline engine is preheated, according to the required speed of the throttle to the corresponding position.

If the throttle is fully open, the gasoline engine over speed operation will not only shorten the service life of the gasoline engine, but also increase the failure of the gasoline engine. High-speed no-load operation and over speed operation should be avoided.

Note: The newly started gasoline engine is badly lubricated. Do not accelerate quickly.

Stop the machine

In general, the following steps should be used to stop the machine

Slowly turn the throttle to “idle” and let the engine run for 3-5 minutes.

Press the flaring switch on the machine to stop the machine.

After the gasoline engine is shut down, do not touch the silencer or spark plug immediately by hand to avoid being burned by high temperature.

In an emergency, quickly pull the gasoline engine throttle to the “idle state” position, and then press the shut-off switch on the machine to stop.

The gasoline engine will stop running if the choke is closed after the shut-off switch is closed.

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